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Combat Mission Battle For Normandy

Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy (CMBN) is a video game in the Combat Mission series. It is a simulation of infantry combat at the platoon and company level, during World War II, set during the battle of Normandy. The base game models some of the typical American and German army forces in use at that time. Expansion modules (described below) are also available, that provide additional nationalities, locations, and time frames.[1]

Combat Mission Battle for Normandy

Command the full array of American and German Heer formations fighting along the coast through to the interior of France. Four challenging campaigns, 21 standalone scenarios, and a plethora of Quick Battle maps will test your tactical acumen. Matching the painstakingly researched battles is the highly detailed combat equipment, including 67 vehicles and dozens of various small arms and heavy weapons.

The Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy Commonwealth Forces module offers 2 brand new campaigns, one from the Allied side and one from the German side. Both campaigns are semi-historical, in the sense that they are close to real events, and use real formations, that were found in the area of the conflict at the time, with fairly accurate force composition. However some liberties were taken to make the combat missions more interesting and varied.In addition to the campaigns, there are also more than 20 stand alone missions using all the forces in the module in a many different situations.

I readily admit to being a fan of Combat Mission, but why bother getting more than the core game with the v2.0 upgrade? If you are interested in the Market Garden campaign there are very good reasons to get this expansion. Market Garden is a substantial improvement to the core game. It adds a considerable amount of new combat formations, equipment, campaigns, scenarios and quick battle maps. It also adds some new terrain including several new Dutch style urban buildings, a windmill, a footpath, more generic and four historical bridges. Some of the bridges are quite massive structures, like the Arnhem and Nijmegen bridges, so are quite different from the smaller bridges seen previously in the Combat Mission games. 041b061a72


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