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on November 16th Infernal posted a countdown clock for a special announcement for the celebration of 25 years of infernal's music career, they also announced their new album. On November 17th Infernal released their new album titled 'HORMESIS'



This type of Infernal has dark, charcoal skin and is perpetually on fire, although their appearance differs. While typically mindless, an Infernal's behavior can be influenced by any strong desires or personal connections they had as a human. Meaning that they may remain in a certain area. While powerful and dangerous, they can be restrained by a physically strong human for a short time.[3] Animals, such as dogs can become infernals as well, such a creature is called a Hellhound.

It is known that if a person transforms into an Infernal while having a strong attachment to life or great willpower, they will keep their self-awareness, however the level of consciousness differs between individuals.[4] These Infernal have control over their flames and can discharge them at will, while also being fully capable of speech. It is unclear if they suffer any pain after they transform into an infernal.

A Titanic Infernal[9] is an enormous infernal that is born from one of the gigantic Stone Pillars that arise on the coast of Tokyo in the prelude of the second Great Cataclysm. They have the greatest raw firepower of any Infernal's seen so far. Once they are defeated, their ashes join together with the Stone Pillar which spawned them.

late 14c., "of or pertaining to the underworld," (ancient Tartarus, the sunless abode of the dead, or the Christian Hell), from Old French enfernal, infernal "of Hell, hellish" (12c.), from Late Latin infernalis "of or belonging to the lower regions," from infernus "hell" (Ambrose), in classical Latin "the lower (world)," noun use of infernus "lower, lying beneath, underground, of the lower regions," from infra "below" (see infra-).

Pluto was infernus rex, and Latin inferi meant "the inhabitants of the infernal regions, the dead." Association of the word with fire and heat is via the Christian conception of Hell. Meaning "devilish, hateful" is from early 15c.; meaning "suitable for or appropriate to Hell" is from c. 1600. As a name of Hell, or a word for things which resemble it, the Italian form inferno has been used in English since 1834, via Dante. Related: Infernally.

mid-15c., "heavenly, divine," from Old French supernal "supreme" (12c.), formed from Latin supernus "situated above, that is above; celestial" (from super "above, over;" from PIE root *uper "over") as a contrast to infernal.

The infernal arms are the weapons the Olympians used to defeat the Titans. The Olympians bound them afterwards to prevent their use, but the arms are supposedly the strongest or some of the strongest weapons that exist in the universe which is why they are supposed to be locked away. Why exactly they appear in the courtyard is unknown, but some of the weapon descriptions found in the Codex suggests Achilles might have had some influence.Because of their history with titan blood they both react to it when it is collected and seem to have developed some form of consciousness.

Acting as the infernal version of the Affinity, Hideous appears as an armor-clad creature that wields a multitude of weapons from rifles on one of its arms too long scythe-like weapons. They can also use their wings to fly above and around the battlefield if they so choose.

Acting as the infernal version of the Applaud, Hatred acts like a tougher and stronger version of Hideous. This time wielding double-scythe weapons and adorning more decorations to their armor, it can also fly around Bayonetta to avoid her attacks.

Alraune is the demon that manages to get her hands on Jeanne's soul when she was sent to Inferno and Bayonetta must fight her to save her friend. In the first phase of her fight, she uses vine-like whips and her claws to attack and can also summon infernal flowers to aid her. Alraune will transform into a monstrous beast in her second phase and be reintroduced with the title Whisperer of Insanity. Upon her defeat, Rodin seals her inside Bayonetta's appropriately named weapon: Alruna.

Many infernal demons are named after real-life figures, concepts, and locations from Judeo-Christian religion and goetic occult writings, such as the Bible and The Lesser Key of Solomon. Pride, Greed, Sloth, and Resentment are all related to the respective sin from the Seven deadly sins in the Bible. Aside from the traditional concepts, several demons draw inspiration from demonic and/or tragic characters from non-Abrahamic mythologies, stories, and folklore of other cultures; many of which may reference more than one mythological entity, for example, Hydra.

Although most mortal mages get their spellcasting powers from studying grimoires, harnessing the innate abilities of their bloodline or even making pacts with dark entities, the infernal mages cast their spells by channeling flames from the depths of the nether world itself. 041b061a72


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