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Brand Loyalty Essays ((FULL))

Brand Loyalty is not a very difficult concept to understand, a person becomes loyal to a brand when he/she is completely satisfied with the performance of the brand. In other words, if a brand meets or exceeds the expectations of a consumer, that consumer in return starts showing loyalty towards that Brand. This paper will throw light upon what Brand loyalty exactly is and why a person becomes loyal towards a brand.

brand loyalty essays

It is very important to focus upon consumer buying behavior when taking into account brand loyalty. Consumer buying behavior depends on certain factors like interest in the product, the intensity to buy the same etc. The factor which matters the most is the interest and the intensity to buy the product. Without the interest and the intensity no consumer can ever become loyal to a brand. It is also important to understand what high involvement products are; high involvement goods are those which are highly prices. These products come with different kind of risks, these risks may be Economic, personal or Social. These are nothing but factors which go on to determine the consumer buying behavior. Consumer behavior includes factors like routine response behavior, extensive decision making, limited decision making and another important thing in this is impulse buying, which refers to the consumer thinking very little about the product and just buying it without giving a good thought about the product. Routine response or program behavior refers to the buying of goods by consumers which are low priced, these constitute as day to day items used by a consumer. For instance the snacks and the soft drinks come under Routine response; these are items consumed by the customer and form the day-to-day items of any consumer. Unfamiliar brand in familiar product category is ought to be understood in order to know the concept of brand loyalty better. In order to know the same better considerate amount of information is required, it basically refers to things which require information in understanding the psychology of the customer, a classic example can be clothes purchased by a customer.

Brand loyalty has become the sole aim of many companies; companies are aiming to make customers loyal to their brands. Brand loyalty focuses upon making more and more people loyal to a particular brand. If this is achieved by a company then the profit margin is ought to go up. This will happen because the people who are loyal will pay even extra money to get their hands on the brand. The satisfaction which the consumers get also plays a vital role in determining how loyal they will be to the brand in the future. If there is no or very little satisfaction then the consumer will not be loyal to the brand on the contrary if the consumer derives lot of satisfaction he/she will surely be loyal to the brand in the future. It is all about satisfying the needs and wants of consumers.

Nike is undoubtedly one of the biggest sports goods manufacturers. A key strategy of Nike to grow as a brand is marketing. It is extremely important to do marketing in order to develop more and more loyal customers. The company handpicks top athletes to market the various Nike brands. The advertisement plays important role in Marketing; Nike spends a lot of money on advertisement and advertisement is the lifeline of Marketing.

Brand loyalty is the ultimate aim of marketing. The same is very difficult to achieve. A company should try and manufacture a product which satisfies the needs and wants of a customer. It should be a perfect product and these days only a perfect product can make more and more loyal customers hence achieving the goal of Brand loyalty.

The objective of the study is how to further the understanding of consumer behavior & consumer commitment with respect to the experience provided to the customer on the brand loyalty of any product or service.

At first the introduction & Background of the study is discussed which tells us about how consumer behavior and consumer commitment affects the brand loyalty. At Second point the objectives of the study & hypotheses are described i.e. how to further the understanding. At third the literature view is described briefly, after that the theoretical trends, methods & materials, Data Analysis and Interpretation is done and at last the conclusion is made.

The consequences of SEM show that there is a solid connection between consumer loyalty and brand picture. The consequence of SEM likewise shows that there is a solid connection between Brand Image and Loyalty expectation and the connection between Customer fulfillment and Loyalty goal was discovered minimal feeble. While the roundabout connection between consumer loyalty and devotion goal by means of brand picture was observed to be extremely solid. The proportion of advantage of brand picture was comprised of Functional, Social, Symbolic, experiential and appearances improve. Auxiliary Equation Modeling was utilized in the present examination through AMOS 16 Upamannyu, N. K., and Bhakar, S. S. (2014). The paper manages the consequences of the essential research which design was to analyze the effect of brand on affecting shoppers to buy an item. The objective of the paper is to stretch the way that the brand affects client decision making process. Unique essential information inside the essential research were gathered by utilizing a quantitative technique for poll Chovanová, H. H., Korshunov, A. I., and Babčanová, D. (2015). The makeup goliaths have been enchanted by India in a hypnotizing way. Because of which the Indian Cosmetic Industry has seen fast development in the recent years. According to the reports of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), the magnificence and restorative industry which is as of now esteemed at around $ 4.6 billion, is assessed to develop between 18-20 percent for each annum in the following couple of years (Dwarakanath, 2015), The present research goes for investigating how brand steadfastness impacts the purchasing conduct of female shoppers with reference to make-up makeup Srivastava, M. (2015). Brand learning is a critical factor. As the buyer is progressively mindful of the brand and he has all the information about its value, quality and so on, the more he will be pulled in towards that brand. The faithfulness level increments with the age. Family is the most powerful reference gathering. The buyers, who are increasingly social, are influenced by their companions like on Facebook. The customers who are more status cognizant are more status obvious than the individuals who are not status cognizant Sarwar, F., Aftab,M.,andIqbal,M.T.(2014).

This study aims to find the direct impact of customer commitment & customer behavior on brand loyalty. The framework of the study is shown in the model. Strong competition and rapid technological developments in various sectors made the firms aiming to increase their market shares by gaining more customers protect their market shares. The way to protect their market shares is to create customer loyalty. The firms with loyal customer portfolios protect their existence for a long time by making their customers repeat purchases. Therefore, there are several studies in the literature about the investigation of variables affecting brand loyalty.

As it has been mentioned above phone and online surveys are two of the most widespread satisfaction-surveys, nevertheless there are some other quantitative survey methods such as mail surveys (rating the supplier or the product itself). Another important issue to mention is that it is not sufficient to gather information from one area only once, but do it repeatedly. This provides high level of problem-areas accuracy. Global and effective branding strategy programs require satisfaction-level information repeated over time in order to make correct customer satisfaction and loyalty evaluations. Generally, customer satisfaction measurement is a tool of a highest priority for creating requirements to new brand products that will deserve high customer loyalty.

There are four primary factors influencing the opportunity of a brand to build customer loyalty: 1) a product needs to differ greatly from the ones offered by other companies, 2) the price is not expected to be the main buying reason,3)each product needs to have a highly competitive service as a component,4)each customer needs to be offered more than just one suitable product.

Each customer no matter how big or small is his purchase requires prom and very loyal treatment. The goal of each brand should be to absolutely satisfy all the demands of each customer during the interaction. And though this is not always possible, still the efforts will never be left without a positive result. The customer should never be made to wait for a long time and therefore given a message that he is not important to the company. Any information should be provided to the customer at his very first request. If it is either an internet request, a telephone call or a person-to-person interaction the customer needs to be confident in the fact that the employee of the company is ready and eager to help him no matter how small is his problem or question.

Your favourite car brand? Like your phone, this is part of your daily routine. It also represents you and has the potential to become a part of your identity, personality, and affect how others perceive you.

Companies like Apple have the best of both worlds. As you buy more iDevices and become more dependent on iCloud, switching to Android becomes harder (behavioral). At the same time, they have millions of raving fans exhibiting attitudinal loyalty.

Attitudinal loyalty is built on amazing experiences. It has strong ties into customer support. Every interaction is a chance to reinforce attitudinal loyalty by exceeding expectations, removing roadblocks, and delivering delight.

The moderating role of age and/or generation in the relationship between perceived environmental and social responsibility, on one hand, and customer loyalty, on the other hand, is mostly an uncharted research area.


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