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Download File Videohive Youtube Essential Pack ...

Videohive Esport Broadcast package 26501123 Free Download This Cybersport Broadcast pack available for games CS:GO, Call of Duty, PUBG, Rainbow Six and can be used for other games, streams and youtube channels. Fully customizable for 55, 44 and 33 games. Esports package will be helpful for streamser, youtubers, esport or...

Download File Videohive Youtube Essential Pack ...

Download File:

RequirementsFor correct work with the essential graphics template you will need the latest version of Premiere Pro (2018 12.1.2)To use the template in Premiere, you do not need After Effects, you just need to have it instaled on your computer (it can be even the trial version).To use in After Effects, you do not need to have Premiere pro and works well from cc 2015Before using please install all free used fonts ( all links available in help file )To change the font for the title in Premiere Pro, you will need to choose font in After Effects and then re-save mogrt file for Premiere Pro. Check the tutorial 041b061a72


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