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Pet Soccer

There are two gaming modes you can experience. Would you like to play against a friend or the computer? Either way, you'll enjoy a thrilling 2-minute soccer game. Let's find out who can score more goals by the end!

Pet Soccer


It's so easy and fun to play soccer! All you have to do is press the Up, Down, Left, and Right Arrow keys to move your team captain. The rest of the dogs from your team will follow your movements and try to assist you in defending your goal or attacking your opponent. If you're playing with a friend, they can use the W, A, S, and D keys. Share the keyboard and see who can score the most goals!

Let's head on the soccer course and have fun with our furry pals! Whether you choose to have fun on your own or with a friend, you'll learn how to think under pressure and become more coordinated. Just join the American Girls for a unique soccer session!

It's time to play Pet Soccer with fishes. Scoring the most goals in this soccer game set in the aquarium wins the game. Fish sets consist not only of you but also of other fish. You can throw the bait into the aquarium to distract the opposing team.

My bulldogs are super rough on their toys, and Annie especially loves to kill her balls lol. This girl has destroyed many basketballs (her fave) but she has not destroyed the soccer ball! It bounces, squishes, rolls fast, and floats in the pool. She has figured out how to squish it enough to bite and carry it around, still doesn't go flat! They have tons of fun with all of their jolly balls, but the soccer ball is Annie's favorite!

Polish game developer Techland is working on Pet Soccer, a follow-up to its family friendly driving game, Pet Racer. Like the previous game, Pet Soccer will feature a number of cartoon-style animal characters, but instead of racing vehicles around a track, they will compete in a soccer tournament. The game will feature 12 different types of animals and 12 different teams, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Players can compete in four different types of matches including unfriendly match, UFETA Cup, and multiplayer. Matches will take place in one of 12 different environments, ranging from the freezing Antarctic to the sweltering tropics.

Men will cheer and women will scream for him, for he is the one of the only star on the soccer field!With confidence smile and natural coolness.People would line up just for a glance of him, even an autograph would make them feel excited for a long time.And you know what the best part is? He is still yours!He might be busy in handling fans, but he will always be available for you.He is the star that belongs to you and you only!

We turn your pet into a famous soccer player with our pet portraits and canvas prints.Ignite everyone's passion for soccer with one-of-a-kind soccer player pet portrait artwork.Bring out the coolness and confidence of your pet.A one-of-a-kind masterpiece.Last but not least, get ready for praises such as "wow wow oh my gosh tell me where you got this!" "How cool is that! This is such a good idea!" etc.

Take soccer to the next level with your dog. Introducing a uniquely made soccer ball dog toy that includes nylon grab tabs sewn into the seams of the ball providing multiple grab points for your dog.

However, it was another tweet from soccer enthusiast Karri_Kemyst that ended up going stratospheric. "EVERYBODY STOP RIGHT NOW AND WATCH THIS!!!" she wrote alongside the video. "THIS IS WHAT WE ALL NEEDED!"

This isn't the first time a soccer-loving dog has made the news. One canine became an overnight celebrity after his reaction to seeing the England national team win again was recorded and subsequently went viral. Another dog went one better still in Chile after running onto the pitch and scoring a goal.

Pet Soccer is a soccer game dedicated especially to younger gamers. The game features three-dimensional graphics maintained in a distinctive cartoon-style. The player may choose between four camera views, setup commentary, replays, audience or match stats. The player has twelve football teams of different animals to choose from, various numbers of outfits and extra playing fields. The team names are a combination of animal names with the names of real European clubs. The game consists two game modes: single match and Ultimate Pet Championships tournament.

Pups at the Pitch guests can look forward to an exciting day of soccer with dog-themed programming throughout the match. Dogs will receive a treat bag courtesy of Austin-based Nulo Pet Food as they leave.

The University of Texas' women's soccer program will be represented within the United States' Under-23 Women's Youth National Team as forward Trinity Byars and midfielder Lexi Missimo were selected to participate in training and two games with the organization this month.

Dogs can play with pretty much anything, but a ball ranks high up there with a squeaky toy or a frisbee. The fact that dogs are already huge fans of balls makes teaching your pooch soccer a no-brainer!

Following these tips will make soccer training a little easier on both you and your dog. Having the right mindset before training your pooch will help lower your expectations. Setting up the environment with the proper tools (right ball size, carpets) will also help your dog succeed.

Of course, playing outdoors is always ideal because of the fresh air and natural vitamin D from the sun. The outdoors is also full of sights, sounds, and experiences that make all dogs happy. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there with your dog and play some soccer! 041b061a72


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