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Yevsei Konstantinov
Yevsei Konstantinov

Hud Digital Rainmeter Skin Free Download

The Dieselpunk HUD offers you a classic look just as in the steampunk but with a whole different perspective. The Rainmeter suite comprises of 7 blocks with 3 on either side and 1 at the top center. The center box shows the time along with the day and date in the form of a digital and an analog clock. The other blocks show downloading and uploading speed, music player, cpu usage, memory usage, volume control and world news.

Hud digital rainmeter skin free download

Yes, Rainmeter is completely free. You can customize your PC for free using Rainmeter. However, some skins may require a fee, depending on the person who has created it. They are basically charging for the design, the software is completely free. 076b4e4f54


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