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Cloud Computing Design Patterns Thomas Erl Pdf 13

Toc: Chapter 1: Introduction 1Objective of This Book 2What This Book Does Not Cover 2Who This Book Is For 2Origin of This Book 3Recommended Reading 3How This Book Is Organized 3Chapter 3: Sharing, Scaling and Elasticity Patterns 4Chapter 4: Reliability, Resiliency and Recovery Patterns 4Chapter 5: Data Management and Storage Device Patterns 4Chapter 6: Virtual Server and Hypervisor Connectivity and Management Patterns 4Chapter 7: Monitoring, Provisioning and Administration Patterns 4Chapter 8: Cloud Service and Storage Security Patterns 4Chapter 9: Network Security, Identity & Access Management and Trust Assurance Patterns 4Chapter 10: Common Compound Patterns 5Appendix A: Cloud Computing Mechanisms Glossary 5Appendix B: Alphabetical Design Patterns Reference 5Additional Information 5Symbol Legend 5Pattern Documentation Conventions 5Updates, Errata, and Resources ( 6Cloud Computing Design Patterns ( 6What Is Cloud? ( 6Referenced Specifications ( 6The Service Technology Magazine ( Certified Cloud (CCP) Professional ( 6Social Media and Notification 7Chapter 2: Understanding Design Patterns 9About Pattern Profiles 11Requirement 11Icon 11Problem 11Solution 12Application 12Mechanisms 12About Compound Patterns 12Design Pattern Notation 13Capitalization 13Page Number References 13Measures of Design Pattern Application 13Working with This Catalog 14Chapter 3: Sharing, Scaling and Elasticity Patterns 15Shared Resources 17Problem 17Solution 18Application 19Mechanisms 21Workload Distribution 22Problem 22Solution 22Application 22Mechanisms 24Dynamic Scalability 25Problem 25Solution 27Application 28Mechanisms 31Service Load Balancing 32Problem 32Solution 33Application 34Mechanisms 36Elastic Resource Capacity 37Problem 37Solution 37Application 38Mechanisms 40Elastic Network Capacity 42Problem 42Solution 43Application 43Mechanisms 43Elastic Disk Provisioning 45Problem 45Solution 46Application 48Mechanisms 49Load Balanced Virtual Server Instances 51Problem 51Solution 52Application 53Mechanisms 55Load Balanced Virtual Switches 57Problem 57Solution 58Application 58Mechanisms 60Service State Management 61Problem 61Solution 61Application 62Mechanisms 63Storage Workload Management 64Problem 64Solution 64Application 66Mechanisms 69Dynamic Data Normalization 71Problem 71Solution 72Application 72Mechanisms 73Cross-Storage Device Vertical Tiering 74Problem 74Solution 76Application 76Mechanisms 79Intra-Storage Device Vertical Data Tiering 81Problem 81Solution 81Application 82Mechanisms 85Memory Over-Committing 86Problem 86Solution 87Application 88Mechanisms 89NIC Teaming 90Problem 90Solution 90Application 91Mechanisms 92Broad Access 93Problem 93Solution 93Application 94Mechanisms 94Chapter 4: Reliability, Resiliency and Recovery Patterns 97Resource Pooling 99Problem 99Solution 99Application 100Mechanisms 103Resource Reservation 106Problem 106Solution 107Application 107Mechanisms 110Hypervisor Clustering 112Problem 112Solution 112Application 114Mechanisms 117Redundant Storage 119Problem 119Solution 121Application 121Mechanisms 122Dynamic Failure Detection and Recovery 123Problem 123Solution 123Application 123Mechanisms 126Multipath Resource Access 127Problem 127Solution 128Application 129Mechanisms 131Redundant Physical Connection for Virtual Servers 132Problem 132Solution 133Application 134Mechanisms 136Synchronized Operating State 138Problem 138Solution 138Application 139Mechanisms 142Zero Downtime 143Problem 143Solution 143Application 144Mechanisms 144Storage Maintenance Window 147Problem 147Solution 148Application 148Mechanisms 154Virtual Server Auto Crash Recovery 155Problem 155Solution 156Application 157Mechanisms 158Non-Disruptive Service Relocation 159Problem 159Solution 160Application 160Mechanisms 164Chapter 5: Data Management and Storage Device Patterns 167Direct I/O Access 169Problem 169Solution 169Application 169Mechanisms 171Direct LUN Access 173Problem 173Solution 174Application 174Mechanisms 176Single Root I/O Virtualization 178Problem 178Solution 179Application 179Mechanisms 180Cloud Storage Data at Rest Encryption 181Problem 181Solution 182Application 182Mechanisms 183Cloud Storage Data Lifecycle Management 184Problem 184Solution 185Application 185Mechanisms 186Cloud Storage Data Management 187Problem 187Solution 188Application 188Mechanisms 189Cloud Storage Data Placement Compliance Check 190Problem 190Solution 191Application 191Mechanisms 192Cloud Storage Device Masking 194Problem 194Solution 194Application 195Mechanisms 197Cloud Storage Device Path Masking 198Problem 198Solution 198Application 199Mechanisms 200Cloud Storage Device Performance Enforcement 201Problem 201Solution 202Application 202Mechanisms 203Virtual Disk Splitting 204Problem 204Solution 205Application 206Mechanisms 209Sub-LUN Tiering 210Problem 210Solution 210Application 211Mechanisms 213RAID-Based Data Placement 214Problem 214Solution 214Application 215Mechanisms 217IP Storage Isolation 218Problem 218Solution 218Application 218Mechanisms 220Chapter 6: Virtual Server and Hypervisor Connectivity and Management Patterns 221Virtual Server Folder Migration 223Problem 223Solution 225Application 225Mechanisms 226Persistent Virtual Network Configuration 227Problem 227Solution 227Application 228Mechanisms 229Virtual Server Connectivity Isolation 231Problem 231Solution 232Application 233Mechanisms 234Virtual Switch Isolation 235Problem 235Solution 236Application 236Mechanisms 238Virtual Server NAT Connectivity 240Problem 240Solution 240Application 240Mechanisms 243External Virtual Server Accessibility 244Problem 244Solution 245Application 245Mechanisms 246Cross-Hypervisor Workload Mobility 247Problem 247Solution 248Application 250Mechanisms 250Virtual Server-to-Host Affinity 252Problem 252Solution 253Application 254Mechanisms 257Virtual Server-to-Host Anti-Affinity 258Problem 258Solution 261Application 261Mechanisms 264Virtual Server-to-Host Connectivity 265Problem 265Solution 266Application 266Mechanisms 266Virtual Server-to-Virtual Server Affinity 267Problem 267Solution 269Application 269Mechanisms 271Virtual Server-to-Virtual Server Anti-Affinity 272Problem 272Solution 275Application 275Mechanisms 277Stateless Hypervisor 278Problem 278Solution 278Application 279Mechanisms 282Chapter 7: Monitoring, Provisioning and Administration Patterns 283Usage Monitoring 285Problem 285Solution 285Application 286Mechanisms 287Pay-as-You-Go 288Problem 288Solution 288Application 289Mechanisms 291Realtime Resource Availability 292Problem 292Solution 292Application 293Mechanisms 294Rapid Provisioning 295Problem 295Solution 296Application 296Mechanisms 299Platform Provisioning 301Problem 301Solution 301Application 302Mechanisms 304Bare-Metal Provisioning 305Problem 305Solution 305Application 305Mechanisms 308Automated Administration 310Problem 310Solution 310Application 311Mechanisms 314Centralized Remote Administration 315Problem 315Solution 317Application 317Mechanisms 318Resource Management 320Problem 320Solution 320Application 321Mechanisms 323Self-Provisioning 324Problem 324Solution 325Application 325Mechanisms 329Power Consumption Reduction 330Problem 330Solution 330Application 331Mechanisms 334Chapter 8: Cloud Service and Storage Security Patterns 335Trusted Platform BIOS 337Problem 337Solution 338Application 339Mechanisms 340Geotagging 341Problem 341Solution 341Application 342Mechanisms 343Hypervisor Protection 344Problem 344Solution 346Application 347Mechanisms 349Cloud VM Platform Encryption 350Problem 350Solution 350Application 352Mechanisms 353Trusted Cloud Resource Pools 354Problem 354Solution 354Application 356Mechanisms 358Secure Cloud Interfaces and APIs 360Problem 360Solution 361Application 361Mechanisms 363Cloud Resource Access Control 364Problem 364Solution 366Application 368Mechanisms 368Detecting and Mitigating User-Installed VMs 369Problem 369Solution 371Application 372Mechanisms 374Mobile BYOD Security 376Problem 376Solution 378Application 380Mechanisms 381Cloud Data Breach Protection 382Problem 382Solution 384Application 384Mechanisms 386Permanent Data Loss Protection 387Problem 387Solution 388Application 389Mechanisms 390In-Transit Cloud Data Encryption 391Problem 391Solution 391Application 392Mechanisms 394Chapter 9: Network Security, Identity & Access Management and Trust Assurance Patterns 395Secure On-Premise Internet Access 397Problem 397Solution 398Application 400Mechanisms 403Secure External Cloud Connection 404Problem 404Solution 404Application 405Mechanisms 408Secure Connection for Scaled VMs 409Problem 409Solution 412Application 414Mechanisms 415Cloud Denial-of-Service Protection 416Problem 416Solution 418Application 419Mechanisms 420Cloud Traffic Hijacking Protection 421Problem 421Solution 423Application 423Mechanisms 424Automatically Defined Perimeter 425Problem 425Solution 426Application 427Mechanisms 429Cloud Authentication Gateway 430Problem 430Solution 431Application 432Mechanisms 435Federated Cloud Authentication 436Problem 436Solution 438Application 439Mechanisms 443Cloud Key Management 444Problem 444Solution 445Application 446Mechanisms 447Trust Attestation Service 448Problem 448Solution 449Application 449Mechanisms 451Collaborative Monitoring and Logging 452Problem 452Solution 455Application 455Mechanisms 459Independent Cloud Auditing 460Problem 460Solution 461Application 463Mechanisms 464Threat Intelligence Processing 465Problem 465Solution 466Application 468Mechanisms 469Chapter 10: Common Compound Patterns 471"Compound Pattern" vs. "Composite Pattern" 472Compound Pattern Members 472Joint Application vs. Coexistent Application 472Private Cloud 474Public Cloud 476Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) 478Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) 480Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) 482Elastic Environment 484Multitenant Environment 486Resilient Environment 490Cloud Bursting 492Burst Out to Private Cloud 493Burst Out to Public Cloud 496Burst In 499Secure Burst Out to Private Cloud/Public Cloud 501Cloud Balancing 503Cloud Authentication 505Resource Workload Management 506Isolated Trust Boundary 508Appendix A: Cloud Computing Mechanisms Glossary 511Appendix B: Alphabetical Design Patterns Reference 535About the Authors 541Index 543

cloud computing design patterns thomas erl pdf 13



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