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Gameloft Touch Screen Mobile Sex Games

NEW YORK, September 30, 2008 - Gameloft, a leading developer and publisher of video games on consoles and mobile phones, announced today the launch of three exciting new titles for the holiday season: TV Show King Party for Wii(TM), Guitar Rock Tour(TM), and Real Soccer 2009(TM) for Nintendo DS(TM).

Gameloft touch screen mobile sex games

Real Soccer(TM) 2009 is the definitive soccer title designed specifically for Nintendo DS and its unique capabilities. The game offers a never-before-seen soccer experience with revolutionary yet accessible touch screen controls. With 198 teams using real players' names, dynamic AI opponents and 3D graphics that push the DS to the max, the player will feel as close to being a real professional soccer player as possible.

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Get past this core inaccuracy and you won't find much to enjoy anyway. Miami Nights has undergone a very rough translation from its mobile form to a touch-enabled Nintendo DS title, losing its accessibility and charm in the process. The touchscreen controls lack precision, gameplay fundamentals are severely unbalanced and the mini-games aren't much fun either.

Everything in the game can be handled through the touchscreen, although it's a pain to do so. The screen frequently fails to register swipes and taps by the stylus, so you often need to tap items and objects twice before the game registers your selection. Moving your avatar with the stylus is particularly cumbersome. You're better off using the face buttons for interactions and the directional pad for moving through the city.

So while we thought attractive singles and fun in the sun, plus a multi-million selling mobile game, would have provided a strong foundation to create the sort of Sims-crossover that would have done very well on DS, the lack of fun is enough to limit Miami Nights: Singles in the City's appeal. Compounded by inexcusable controls and a general lack of polish that has characterised other Gameloft attempts to port mobile games to DS, it's a no second date recommendation from us.

In Flight Control you do your best to guide all kinds of planes, and even helicopters, to a safe landing by dragging a path across the iPhone touch screen onto a runway or landing pad. After a while it gets more challenging with more aircraft on screen at once. The addiction level of this game is very high.

Like Flight Control above, you have to shepherd boats and ships with cargo to port. The thing that makes this one a little more challenging is that you also have to send them on their way. Both are done by dragging across the touch screen.

With the touch screen revolution in full swing over the last few years, it seems that swiping, tapping, and touching have become the de facto controls for gamers who like to take their fun on the go. But what about those few stalwarts that are still holding out? The gamers that live and die by four face buttons and an analog stick? Well if those gamers happen to own an Android phone, MOGA is looking to fill a mighty big hole in their hearts.


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