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Scylla - Abysses (2013)

Scylla - Abysses (2013)

Scylla is a Belgian rapper who released his debut solo album Abysses in 2013. The album features 15 tracks that explore the themes of introspection, self-doubt, existentialism, and social criticism. Scylla's lyrical skills, poetic imagery, and emotional delivery make this album a powerful and captivating work of art.


Abysses: The Album

The album's title track, Abysses, sets the tone for the rest of the album. Scylla raps about his inner struggles and his quest for meaning in a chaotic world. He compares himself to a diver who plunges into the depths of the ocean, facing his fears and demons. He also questions the role of religion and morality in a society that is plagued by violence and injustice.

The second track, Second souffle, features a chorus by Nowane and a soulful production by Soulchildren. Scylla raps about his resilience and his determination to overcome his difficulties. He also pays tribute to his family and friends who support him and inspire him to keep going.

The third track, J'réclame, is a protest song that denounces the corruption and hypocrisy of the political and economic elites. Scylla raps with anger and sarcasm, exposing the lies and manipulations of those who abuse their power and exploit the people. He also criticizes the media and the education system for brainwashing the masses and preventing them from thinking critically.

The fourth track, Répondez moi, is a personal song that addresses Scylla's father, who passed away when he was young. Scylla raps with emotion and sincerity, expressing his grief and his longing for his father. He also asks him for guidance and advice on how to live his life and face his challenges.

The fifth track, Tout a un sens, features a chorus by Vanessa and another soulful production by Soulchildren. Scylla raps about his philosophy of life and his belief that everything happens for a reason. He also reflects on his past experiences and how they shaped him as a person.

The sixth track, Rien à remplacer, is a love song that celebrates Scylla's relationship with his girlfriend. Scylla raps with passion and gratitude, expressing his feelings and his devotion to her. He also praises her qualities and her personality, saying that she is irreplaceable and unique.

The seventh track, Le salaire de la peur, is a dark song that depicts Scylla's nightmares and fears. Scylla raps with intensity and horror, describing various scenarios of violence, torture, death, and madness. He also explores the psychological effects of fear and how it can paralyze or motivate people.

The eighth track, Plume originelle, is a poetic song that pays homage to Scylla's passion for writing and rap. Scylla raps with creativity and elegance, using metaphors and wordplay to illustrate his love for words and music. He also compares himself to a bird who flies with his original feather, meaning that he stays true to himself and his art.

The ninth track, Erreurs génétiques, features Furax Barbarossa, another Belgian rapper who is known for his hardcore style. The two rappers collaborate on a brutal track that attacks their enemies and rivals in the rap game. They rap with aggression and skill, showcasing their technical abilities and their punchlines.

The tenth track, Langage de signes, is a minimalist song that focuses on Scylla's voice and flow. Scylla raps with precision and clarity, using sign language as a metaphor for his rap style. He also claims that he speaks the universal language of rap, which transcends borders and cultures.

The eleventh track, Coupable, features R.E.D.K. and Tunisiano, two French rappers who are members of the groups Carpe Diem and Sniper respectively. The three rappers exchange verses on a catchy track that deals with the theme of guilt. They rap about their regrets, their mistakes, their responsibilities, and their redemption.

The twelfth track, La logique d'une contradiction, is a philosophical song that explores the concept of contradiction and paradox. Scylla raps with logic and wisdom, presenting various examples of contradictory situations and statements. He also questions the validity and the coherence of human reasoning and behavior.

The thirteenth track, Abyssal Musique, is a hardcore song that showcases Scylla's rap skills and his confidence. Scylla raps with energy and charisma, asserting his dominance and his superiority in the rap scene. He also challenges his competitors and his critics, saying that they are no match for him and his music.

The fourteenth track, La sagesse d'un fou, features Saké, another Belgian rapper who is a member of the group ZAKO. The two rappers share their views on life and rap on a smooth track that blends rap and jazz. They rap with maturity and humility, acknowledging their flaws and their strengths.

The fifteenth and final track, Douleurs Muettes, is a touching song that closes the album on a melancholic note. Scylla raps with sadness and compassion, dedicating the song to all the people who suffer in silence and who are ignored by society. He also expresses his solidarity and his empathy with them, saying that he feels their pain and that he hopes for a better future for them.

Abysses: The Reception

Abysses was well received by critics and fans alike, who praised Scylla's lyrical talent, his musical diversity, and his emotional depth. The album was also a commercial success, reaching the top 10 of the French rap albums chart . The album spawned several singles, such as Répondez moi, Coupable, and Douleurs Muettes, which were accompanied by music videos that were widely viewed on YouTube. The album also earned Scylla several nominations and awards, such as the Best Belgian Rap Album at the Red Bull Elektropedia Awards in 2013.

Abysses: The Legacy

Abysses is considered by many as one of the best rap albums of the 2010s, and as a classic of Belgian rap. The album established Scylla as one of the most respected and influential rappers in the French-speaking rap scene, and as a reference for many aspiring rappers. The album also inspired many listeners who related to Scylla's messages and stories, and who found comfort and motivation in his music.

Abysses: The Conclusion

Abysses is a masterpiece of rap music that showcases Scylla's artistic vision, his poetic expression, and his musical versatility. The album is a journey into Scylla's mind and soul, where he reveals his thoughts, his feelings, his doubts, and his hopes. The album is also a reflection of the world we live in, where he addresses various social issues, such as poverty, violence, injustice, and oppression. The album is a testament to Scylla's talent, his passion, and his integrity, which make him one of the most remarkable rappers of his generation.


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