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Isaac Cruz
Isaac Cruz

The Sims 4 _BEST_

The following quirks are all possible to gain randomly through gameplay with your infant sims. There are a total of 18 unique quirks with various effects, you will only be able to have three at once per infant sim:

the sims 4

Stupid question #2 on spouses. I know I can move in legacy loves from the gallery. Is it allowed to move them into the neighbor with an established household (Spencer-Kim-Lewis for example) and have my sims visit their neighbors to meet their spouse?

2. I have a lot of sims in my current family, and I want more. If I move out a sim, they will become ineligible to be the heir. My succession rule is random. Do I roll before moving anyone out to see if they are chosen? How else do people handle this situation?

These same sorts of dynamics can also play out with new sims your clan meet while out and about. They might meet someone they instantly click with, or they might meet someone who becomes an enemy for life.

just wanted to stop by and say you are the sole cc creator in my game. anything and everything you create is so well thought out and executed flawlessly. thank you so much for all your hard work! you keep my sims looking gorg!

Pearson says "The Sims" franchise has now sold more than 170 million copies worldwide. The Electronic Arts Inc. people simulator is the best-selling PC game franchise in history. More 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

and if u have any suggestions about this denim outfit or the ideas about the next outfit or shoes or accessories,just feel free to leave your comments,or send me the pictures you want through message or email to

Happy beginning of the week, today we have an old and nice garden, with barbecue picnic table, a swing made with tree branches, some decorative and an old boat with its dock, I hope you like it, as always available in TSR. @thesimsresourcedotcom 041b061a72


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