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Aashiki2 Full |WORK|

Indian Express Rating: ** More than 20 years ago, the Bhatts crafted a blockbuster out of a string of songs sung by fresh voices. And a pair of new faces, artfully hidden under a jacket, for the purposes of a poster. The songs came first, the movie came after. Aashiqui's soundtrack became all the rage. So did that instantly-recognisable image of young-lovers-under-jacket.

aashiki2 full

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This hindi song is so beautifully created. The lyrics, the feelings and the melody of this song is all great! I dont undertsand hindi, but the melody and the instruments are enough to love the song. Im from the philippines, and im happy to say indians are talented! The movie aashiqui 2 must be brought to some asian countries and be dubbed in english. This wiil surely be a hit love story movie. :)

You keep asking WHY? What happened? Well, the day you were out on your date with PAK, Tayab Ali came to me disturbed. Telling me that he felt like he was losing me. And that's when I confessed to him that there was someone who I felt strongly for. It took me two weeks to tell him EVERYTHING. He asked for all the details-each and every detail. All this for me to prove my love for him. He took two months to decide whether he still wanted me in his life or not. To him, I had to be here with him with full MIND, BODY and SOUL. According to him, I can't be in love with two people at the same time. So either it was you or him. Me choosing him wasn't enough. I had to prove it. I had to gain his trust again. And this I could only achieve with TRUTH. Hence every time I see you, hear about you etc, I have to report it to him.Betrayal to Tayab ali started from the day I confessed my love for you. He accepts that I had feelings for you. But to have ACTED upon those feelings is where I BETRAYED him. I ought to have stopped playing sports altogether with you and walked away back then only. Instead I chose the path which he describes as having had an affair - Regardless of the physical aspects of our relation. I agree with him. I had an affair. Now I and you are paying the price for it. NO CONTACT-not direct, not indirect. To avoid any rekindling of flames. He says if I have to hide anything from him, it shows that I am betraying him in some way or another! Again, I agree.I love him. And now need to work on correcting my wrong doing.

Why everyone putting so much negative comments based on word be greatfull atleast somebody out there trying to translate it for you guys I'm english and it took so long to find the translation of this song..l


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