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Try Not To Cry When You Listen To This Cover Of FIX YOU By Coldplay [UPDATED]

South Korean boyband BTS covered the song in February 2021 for their MTV Unplugged appearance.[67] The performance aired during the COVID-19 pandemic and one of the members, Jimin, shared, "This song gave us comfort, so we wanted to prepare this cover to comfort [their fans] as well."[68] All four members of Coldplay praised the group, sharing the video on the official Coldplay Twitter feed and writing "아름다운", the Korean word for "beautiful".[69] The two groups would later collaborate for the song "My Universe".

Try not to cry when you listen to this cover of FIX YOU by Coldplay

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I've read through all of these interpretations, and I agree that all of them could be affiliated with this song. But there was one sentence (provided by DaneFil) that really struck me:"Chris wanted Gwenyth to know that the one place she could go when she is broken down is home."I think that, right there, sums it up. Not just for Gwyneth, but for everyone who listens to the song. I think that the song is about life itself, about going through it, about falling down, making mistakes, falling in love, losing that love, just about everything that could go wrong... but in the end, no matter what, "lights will guide you home", wherever that may be, and you will have someone to lean on.

I read in a magazine that Chris wrote this song for Gwyneth Paltrow after her father died. She came home from the hospital covered and drenched in tears, and he started crying and asked her, "what can I do for you? tell me how I can do" and she looked up at him, and said "just hold me... cause you're the only thing that can fix me right now"And that was that - he wrote the song the next day.

Hmm...I have to beg to disagree. That's not the meaning of the song... Its very cryptic but if u know the TRUTH.Even the words he used was based on a very powerful meaning. You have to analyze the stanza and refrain. how they interact with each other. This song is connected to 3 more songs in one of their albums. Once u figure this out. U might have solved the mystery of who you are really. To those who cried about this song, when u KNOW the TRUTH, you will not only cry, you will collapse.I give a hint...STUCK IN REVERSE

Ok, I've seen a lot about this song being about Gywneth Paltrow and her fathers death, but that just doesn't seem to add up, considering the lyrics. He says, "when you're too in love to let it go" and he also really emphasizes the words "let it go" in the song if you listen to it. Too in love? How would Gwyneth be in love with her father? I mean I guess one could look at it that way, but that just doesn't make sense to me. "But if you never try you'll never know/ just what you're worth" I think this song is talking about a girl who he is in love with, but that girl loved someone else. For some reason this girl was very distraught over something this other guy had done, like VERY distraught, and he was trying to "fix her". Maybe the "facts" don't add up with this interpretation, but the lyrics certainly do. He also says that if she doesn't try to let it go she won't ever know just what she's worth. I think he means that she won't know because he loves her so much that he could show her how much she's worth, but she can't let go if this other guy. But even though she doesn't love him back in that way, he still wanted to fix her so badly, she was so broken. Also, has anyone else noticed how in basically very single one of Coldplays songs there is a mentioned "you?" Like in so many if them! It really seems like there is one person that Chris, or whoever else writes the songs, is repetitively speaking to. Isn't it said that it is best to write what you know? Also their songs all seem to connect together in a way. Coldplay is very interesting, and their music and lyrics are so unique!

This is one of those songs you'll always hear on big network reality shows like America's Got Talent or The Voice whenever something happy and inspirational occurs. But putting the commercial success of "Charlie Brown" aside, this track has a coming-of-age message and lively beat that feels appropriate for the finale of your favorite teen movie. It's like driving in a fast car under a starry sky while whipping your hair out the window.

While "Shiver" may be a serenade from a stalker, it's a downright beautiful one. The spry guitar riffs that seem to skip to the drum beat and Martin's intense vocals give it a life all its own. We get chills when listening to "Shiver" (no pun intended). Can you believe this gorgeous hit was recorded only in one take?

Ultimately, "Violet Hill" is an antiwar/protest song about having your life managed by people you don't like. It's lyrics like "When the future's architectured by a carnival of idiots on show" that really give this song some poetic, timeless style. It almost feels like you're being transported back to the middle ages when focusing on the words.

Additionally, the themes of this song are still relevant today. "Violet Hill" takes a frosty dig at capitalism and conservative media outlets like Fox News with the line, "Was a long and dark December when the banks became cathedrals and a fox became God." Will Champion told Q Magazine the instrumentals intentionally sound machine-like, which heightens the fury and psychedelic nature of the track. We particularly love the gorgeous visuals of the 2008 music video, which was filmed in Sicily on top of Mount Etna.

There's a misconception that this song is about an attempted suicide by Chris Martin (due to the bridge, noose, and "star is fading" lines), but there's no information to give credit to that brazen theory. It's a piano ballad full of hope with a grand guitar-infused climax. We have no words to describe what kinds of emotions this track can bring out of you. It's a perfect ending to a vulnerable album about the human condition, and if you haven't heard it already, you need to listen to it now.

On a more jovial note, this song is so beloved that the opening line, "when you try your best but you don't succeed," has become a meme in more recent years. We're just happy this track has endured throughout time.

Another Coldplay piano ballad that could be a tearjerker for some listeners, "The Scientist" is a melancholic song about a thinker who puts his work before his lover. He tries to analyze where his broken relationship may have gone wrong and wishes he could go "back to the start." We can't say we recommend this tune after experiencing a painful breakup, but it's definitely a relatable listen.

Like many other songs, this single from the English rock band he Smiths, leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Is it talking about a person whose love is about to get married to another? Or is it talking about a man who never got to experience love at all? Either way, it gives the listener a strong case of the feels.

They aren't the normal parcels. The normal ones are CD-shaped, and they are the ones he orders when he is gripped with a sense of his own mortality and an urgent desire to recapture his long, long, lost youth. In short, his listens to Jo Whiley on Radio 1 for 10 minutes, attempts to discern which band is at the cutting edge of musical experimentation and orders their entire back catalogue.

There's only one solution to all this. No, of course we don't listen to him and implement his ideas. Are you mad? We just have very loud conversations outside his office door about this new "totally happening" new band, who hardly anyone has heard of. That sends him running back to Jo Whiley, with his credit card already out of his wallet. 041b061a72


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