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Kirill Ustinov
Kirill Ustinov

Whitney Houston, Greatest Hits (Cd 1 - Throw Down) Full Album Zip

It makes sense that the same year that a group called The Anniversary and members of Trent Reznor and the Knack made their art-rock-noise-pop debut, the reclusive composer found a surprising partner in pop rock icon Whitney Houston. The high-gloss, genre-busting work that followed 2003s failed comeback I Look to You showcased Tinie Tempah and a new generation of R&B heroes. Plenty of classically trained musicians showed up to kit out with distorted guitar, gurgling keyboards, harmonizing female singers and in the case of Thrasher, rattling percussion. The album comes packaged as the sort of art piece that Trent would wrap in cardboard on the day it was released to a band he couldnt stand. The Beaches are maybe the only musicians most everyone knows that can play like Dntel, and theyre utterly unafraid of making music that sounds like it was made in 2012. A deep dive into some Expression or a Dntels-style riot-grrl bounce throughs Beautiful People creates a sort of space in the modern air where the same songs get felt, old and new, and maybe thats as much as they can hope for. Will Pritchard

Whitney Houston, Greatest Hits (Cd 1 - Throw Down) full album zip

2009s TranzAllegiance was the year K.I.D.S., with five members, became pop music. There were so many songs about being miserable, in too much pain, or both. This year, most of them were retreads. Something was different about Transcendence. Actually, something was different about all of Kanye Wests albums. From jaunty funk, to booming dance, to the beats of Yeezus, where he orchestrated his inflated ego and crushed his own ego in the same song.


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