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Field Of Glory Empires _VERIFIED_

If you do own FoG2 then you're in for a treat. When two land armies clash and that clash doesn't involve a city assault, you're given the chance of resolving things in person on one of FoG2's randomly generated, victory location-free, gridded battlefields.

Field of Glory Empires

Has FoGE sufficient strength and charm to win friends without the assistance of its charismatic comrade-in-arms? From what I've seen during the past couple of days, yes. Unlike the Civ-endebted Aggressors: Ancient Rome, the last big caesar-em-up to wear the green lizard logo, this one is confident enough to plough its own furrow. The clever interlinked culture-versus-decadence and government age mechanisms that sit at the heart of the game, influencing a faction's movement up and down a twisted fifteen-rung civilisation 'ladder', have no equivalents in the genre as far as I know. In simple terms the older and larger your empire, the harder it is to keep debauchery and dissatisfaction in check, and the more likely you are to regress and suffer civil wars. To this grand strategy dabbler, Slitherine, AGEOD, and Byzantine appear to have gone to impressive lengths to accurately replicate the wavy life cycles of the great post-Alexander empires.

Happily, the devs also seem aware that imperial glory all too often brings domestic drudgery in diversions such as this. Through a very elegant admin option that allows players to combine controlled regions into handy provinces, then direct development with, in effect, one-click AI directives, governmental busywork is kept to a minimum.

Conquer Civilizations later this week when Slitherine Games launches the next entry in their popular grand strategy series with the release of Field of Glory: Empires on July 11th. This latest entry in the franchise will bring everything that series is known for such as managing your empire, constructing buildings, and taking full control of the battlefield in epic battles - that can be played solo or against others with the robust multiplayer. New Kingdoms will rise and every decision you make will have consequences. Knowing when to retreat and when to fight will be critical in victory.

The Battle SystemThe battle system is not just about who brings the larger force. Army composition and understanding the strengths and weaknesses of you and your enemy are decisive, so is choosing wisely the battlefield and the general to lead your troops. 041b061a72


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