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Where To Buy Sorel Winter Boots

Consider the grocery store parking lot. On a frigid winter afternoon in the northern latitudes, you may encounter dry pavement, wet pavement, packed snow, fluffy snow, chunky ice, black ice, wet ice, slush, a slick cocktail of oil and grit, or some combination of all of these things. After doing 125 hours of research and in-the-snow trials wearing 29 pairs of boots, we picked a variety of options to help you navigate the ever-changing underfoot topography of winter.

where to buy sorel winter boots

Sorel is a shoe retailer specializing in winter and work boots for men, women, and children. They offer a variety of shoes outside of boots including sandals and sneakers. Sorel is owned by Columbia Sportswear which is based out of Portland, Oregon but the brand originally got its start back in Ontario, Canada. The Sorel brand was created in 1962 by the Kaufman Rubber Company which later changed to the name Kaufman Footwear. After going bankrupt in 2000, the Sorel brand was purchased by Columbia Sportswear. You can find Sorel shoes in stores around the world and purchase them online through the Sorel web store.

The wave construction on the sole of the Winter Carnival proved to be a lesser-performing design than the protruding lugs of some of the burlier winter boots we tested. The wave is a good pattern for wet surfaces but is not capable of gripping snow. We found ourselves slipping backward or to the side when walking uphill in ankle-high snow. While the traction is better on flat surfaces, it still didn't impress us. Lugs are completely necessary for traction on snowy inclines and declines.

Unfortunately, the Carnival did not quite do it for us. We like the look, the lightweight nylon, and the removable felt liner. Still, its performance capabilities were limited, and it wasn't versatile enough for us to use outside of low-output activities. If you need a burlier boot that is reliable and keeps you upright in the most slippery circumstances, you may lean towards Sorel's heftier winter boot, the Caribou. We genuinely like this fashionable snow boot, but we can't quite justify the price tag based on its performance out in the field. Compared to other boots in this review, you can spend a little bit more for higher quality and functionality. We like that the Carnival is on the lighter side of snow boots in our lineup. Still, other options aren't much bulkier and have greater traction, weatherproofing, and durability.

Winter boots are a timeless and charming piece of gear. From classic Sorels to light and modern designs, they aim to keep your feet protected and warm from wet snow and frigid temperatures. Whether you live in a cold and snowy climate, like to hit the trail in the winter, or want to keep your feet warm for après ski, it's likely you'll need a winter boot. Below we break down the best winter boots for 2023, including our favorite options for everyday use, hiking, and extreme cold. For background information, check out our comparison table and buying advice.

Many boots on this list trend toward the casual or performance sides of the spectrum, but L.L. Bean hits a nice combination of the two with their Bean Boot collection. This lineup is legendary and runs the gamut from standard, uninsulated options to flannel-lined and Gore-Tex-equipped variations, but we like the 8-inch Shearling-Lined version best. On the bottom, you get a waterproof rubber construction for protection from snow and other moisture. On the top, the leather upper is both comfortable and gives the boot a polished look. Throw in a quality build that includes premium shearling along the sides and tongue and 200-gram PrimaLoft underfoot, and you get a luxurious-feeling winter boot that can still hold its own on the trail.

Even though The North Face was the most popular outerwear brand this season, as well as the top brand among skiers and snowboarders, the outdoor recreation company did not top the leaderboard for winter boots (41%). UGG platform boots are sold out everywhere, but the shoe company also took the bottom half.

With lots of winter boots to choose from, how do consumers decide which pair to purchase? The results show that durability is the most important factor (41%) when shopping for winter boots. Trailing closely behind is comfort (37%).

Enter: the Sorel Caribou Boot. While most snow boots are bulky and have an overly puffy look to them, these boots are just as fashionable as they are functional. For the past two winters, I've been trudging through Massachusetts with these bad boys, and I can safely say they have been a fantastic investment.

A global brand, many shoe retailers sell these popular boots in their retail stores and online. SOREL also has its own website where you can buy a wide variety of footwear. Most importantly, they ship worldwide.

SOREL boots are fashionable, functional, and, most importantly, built to last. You will get several seasons of wear from their boots, even when worn in harsh winter weather! SOREL boots are built to last, and their quality has been maintained for years.

These Sorel shoes combine the look of sneakers with the functionality of winter boots. Insulated with a microfleece lining, they have a waterproof exterior, cushioned footbeds, and textured bottoms to keep you stable and warm in all sorts of rough weather. Get them in five cool colors, including black, a purplish-silver, red, and pink-tinged beige.

If you've never tried on an UGG bathrobe before, just imagine your entire body being enveloped by one of their cozy, sherpa-lined boots. This winter, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to the Blanche robe, aka the coziest bathrobe ever. Made of super-soft cotton with a plush fleece lining, the robe has deep pockets, a belted waist, and shawl-style collar. Choose from 11 pretty colors, including pastel pink, oatmeal, lilac, and grey. 041b061a72


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