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Download HOT! Song The Book Of Love Peter Gabriel

"The Book of Love" is a song written by Stephin Merritt and attributed to The Magnetic Fields, an American indie pop group founded and led by him. "The Book of Love" appears on Magnetic Fields' three-volume concept album 69 Love Songs, which contains 69 tracks described as "love songs", 23 tracks in each of the three volumes. The three-volume album was released in 1999, with "the Book of Love" appearing in volume 1 as track number 12.

download song the book of love peter gabriel

Download Zip:

When people think of books and songs, they immediately think of songbooks. However, we did things a bit differently. We created a list of the top 10 songs about books. Yes, all the songs listed have the word book in the song title.

If you are looking for a songbook, it is a book that will contact a collection of songs with their lyrics and music notes. Songbooks may also be a collection of music hymns such as the ones used in churches.

Our book songs cover, no pun intended, and many different music styles including jazz, rock, hip-hop, new age, and country. A book is a set of written pages. The pages can be made of many things including paper, wood, and ivory.

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The 10-track collection spotlights Gabriel's songs written specifically for and/or featured in various big screen movie projects over the years. In the album's announcement, Gabriel said, "I have always loved film and any chance I have been offered to work with good film projects and good directors I have jumped at. This is a mixture of songs that have been written for specific films, and existing songs that found an appropriate place in a story. Consequently, there is a mix of different styles and moods."

Chrissy Teigen, you lucky, lucky girl. If you need to know what love is, look no further than this romantic song by her brilliant singer-songwriter husband, John Legend. There's a reason why it's so popular at weddings.

Bruce Springsteen is known for a lot of things, but writing cheesy love songs isn't one of them. Fortunately, the rock icon released this slow, guitar-led tune in 1984, and the world ate it up.

If anyone knows how to sing a love song, it's Thomas Rhett. (See: "Star Of The Show" and "When You Look Like That," for proof.) But Rhett's pièces de résistance? This adorable hit from 2015. Just try not to smile while listening to this one, we dare you!

Sure, Michelle Branch may have been the poster child for teenage angst back in the early '00s, but the girl could also write a catchy hit about love, particularly the can't-eat-can't-sleep kind. (You know, in true early-aughts songwriting fashion.)

Percy Sledge was the first to sing this iconic love song in the '60s, later re-recorded in the '80s and '90s by the likes of Bette Midler and Michael Bolton, respectively. The song tells of the extreme lengths a man will go for the woman he loves. (As he should.)

Warning: If you've never heard this song by Peter Gabriel before, it'll likely bring you to tears. Between the artist's raw vocals and lyrics like, "I love it when you sing to me, and you can sing me anything," you're bound to feel things. (Just don't text your ex!)

It's impossible not to fall in love with Vanessa Carlton's breakout hit, "A Thousand Miles," after just one listen. The song is beyond charming, just the like singer, songwriter, and musician herself.

This contemporary love song from Beyoncé wasn't the singer's first romantic rodeo. (See: "Love On Top" or "Smash Into You" for reference.) But this song feels somehow different from the artist's love songs of years past. Perhaps it's the singer's raw vocals and stylistically unfiltered approach that make this hit feel special. Regardless, it's an honest romantic delivery from the singer that can't be overlooked.

The Dave Matthews Band have been a fixture in the music industry for years, and that's because they know a thing or two about writing an instant-hit. "Crush" is no exception, and it being an unabashed love song helped expand people's idea of what the band could do.


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