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School Babysitters _VERIFIED_

Stoneybrook Middle School, also known as SMS, is a local middle school for kids in grades 6-8 in Stoneybrook, CT and part of the Stoneybrook Public School District. All of the members of the Baby-sitters Club attend school here (except for Shannon Kilbourne). Students from Stoneybrook Elementary School will eventually come to this school and SMS students will eventually go on to Stoneybrook High School.

School Babysitters

SMS is one of the middle schools in Stoneybrook, including Stoneybrook Day School, and Kelsey Middle School. In Baby-sitters' Winter Vacation the school has about 382 students give or take. There are about six black kids in the entire student body, and Jessi Ramsey is the only one in sixth grade in Hello, Mallory. Bart Taylor notes that it's bigger then SDS in Kristy's Mystery Admirer.

Homerooms are divided alphabetically and the homeroom period only lasts ten minutes. Stacey's homeroom has about seven rows of seats and a loudspeaker over the door in Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade. SMS bunches all of the grades into the high school for summer school in Sea City, Here We Come!. There is a PTO mentioned in Dawn and the School Spirit War. Lockers are numbered and combinations go right-twice to the left-right as mentioned in Mary Anne and the Memory Garden. The doors going in and out of the school are made of glass as noted in Dawn Saves the Planet.

In Graduation Day, the school schedule times where students could tour Stoneybrook High School. For eighth graders moving on to high school, they sell memory boxes to put memorabilia in such as cards. The school also has a tradition of having its eighth grade write letters to their older selves that will be mailed back to them when they graduation high school. It's not required and just for fun. Their robes are blue, and students keep the tassels with the SMS charm on it. The school band plays at graduation. Mary Anne mentions that graduation is held in June in Logan Likes Mary Anne!

Friday Lunch is: Sloppy Joes, red Jell-o with canned fruit, coleslaw, milk, & Fudgsicle in Kristy's Great Idea. The hot lunches cost under a dollar in Hello, Mallory. Each grade has a different lunch period which was mentioned in Mary Anne Misses Logan. Students aren't allowed to leave the school premises for lunch in Stacey's Ex-Best Friend.

The school does not have air conditioning mentioned in Kristy's Great Idea. The old equipment shed is burned to the ground in Kristy and the Copycat. The faculty lounge is down a mysterious hallway that leads to the auditorium with no window on the door, just a sign that says faculty lounge in Stacey and the Mystery Money.

Five years ago the sixth grade had pledged a thousand dollars to go the SMS library fund. The money was to go toward purchasing furniture and magazine subscriptions for a student lounge in the library. It was never built and the money went towards building maintenance fund. The money repaired the roof and repainting some classrooms. Mallory Pike and the other sixth grade officers learned what happened and talked to Mr. Taylor. They had arranged it if they could raise the original amount the school would match it. At the end of the fundraiser they had raised 1,352 dollars in Don't Give Up, Mallory!

The school hosts a formal dance called prom in Claudia, Queen of the Seventh Grade. There is a tradition where students vote for a king and queen. The king and queen form their own court of friends to help organize the prom. The tradition goes back to the Great Depression and celebrated it's 61 year of doing it in the book. They have a fake crown and robe given in a ceremony. The Stoneybrook News covers the event.

In Claudia Makes Up Her Mind, the school hosted a color war. The color war is a competition among the grades in sports, spelling bees, bake sales, games, etc. The winning class receives a check from the Stoneybrook Chamber of Commerce to be donated to charity. In the book the sixth grade is white, seventh is orange, and eighth is blue. The seventh grade chose to donate to the Stoneybrook Adult Literacy Program if they won. During one period a day students did events.

28 years ago the school held the first Masquerade dance in Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade. Someone had turned out the lights and then pulled the fire alarm causing a stampede. A teacher, Mr. Brown, had died of a heart attack in the middle of it.

This is a running list of students in the school, at the time of BSC graduation from 8th grade in the final book Graduation Day. For more information about the individuals mentioned less then three times throughout the series and left no impact on the novel please see Miscellaneous Students.

When Ryuichi and his 2-year-old brother Kotaro's parents die in a plane crash, the brothers are adopted by a woman who lost her son in the same incident: the wealthy chairwoman of Morinomiya Academy. She's empathetic to the brothers' plight, but her kindness has a cost: she's opened an on-site daycare for the staff's children, but doesn't have enough people to run it. None of the students have been interested in helping, and the only adult childcare worker spends more time sleeping than caring for the children. The chairwoman's solution? Put Ryuichi to work as the very first member of the school's new "Babysitter's Club"!

Babysitting was more than a job for Jody. It was an opportunity to care for and build up each child she met. Soon, two families turned into 20 families, and by the time Jody graduated, her team of trusted Oglethorpe babysitters was serving 150 families in the Brookhaven area.

The Babysitter Boot Camp PRO workshop is created for the babysitter that wants to be totally prepared for all babysitting changes. In the PRO workshop, babysitters receive the Babysitter Boot Camp training in addition to an American Heart First Aid and CPR/AED full two-year certification. The Babysitter Boot Camp program teaches Boys and Girls ages 10 -17 how to earn their own money, learn the basics of business, gain respect and begin building a reputation for being professional and responsible.

School Babysitters goes over the story of Ryuuichi Kashima and his little brother Kotarou. In the show Kashima loses his parents in a place crash and now has to take care of his baby brother. The two boy are then taken in by a chairwomen of an elite academy Youko Morinomiya and are under her care. However in exchange for living with Youko, Kashima is enrolled in the academy run by her and is put in the schools babysitters club

After their parents died in a plane crash, fifteen-year-old Ryūichi Kashima and his preschooler brother Kotarō are taken in by Yōko Morinomiya, the stern chairwoman of Morinomiya Secondary School, who also happened to have lost her son and daughter-in-law in the same accident. However, she also believes in a give-and-take relationship, and thus in exchange for her legal guardianship, she also assigns Ryūichi with investing much of his extracurricular time working at the school's daycare center.

Initially established to look after the little children of the school's faculty while they are away with their day jobs, the daycare is struggling due to lack of coverage from the school's budget, and efforts to establish a babysitting club among the students fell flat, leaving all the work to Yoshihito Usaida, an easygoing faculty member and alumnus of the school. With Ryūichi's arrival, the club has been restarted with him as its first member. Besides Kotarō, he will also be looking after five other little kids: bratty Taka Kamitani, refined Kirin Kumatsuka, the polar-opposite Mamizuka twins Takuma and Kazuma, and sweet baby Midori Sawatari. Fortunately he has help in the form of Taka's older brother Hayato, the star player of the school's baseball team, as well as ace student Maria Inomata.

Many AHS students noticed the high demand for babysitting this summer after their phones continued to buzz as the next parent was contacting them in hopes of finding someone responsible to look after their children. With the Community School pre-school closing and tourists flooding the town during the summer, childcare is becoming increasingly more difficult to find.

Our nannies and babysitters bring order and balance to busy families through vetted and skilled in-home childcare. We offer full-time, part-time, and on-demand nanny and sitter services so you can thrive in your home, work, and personal life.

Another benefit of adding babysitting to your resume is that it helps to fill any employment gaps you might have due to going to school or any other reason. You can also use the parents as references, which is a significant benefit if you don't have former employers.

  • Common babysitter duties listed on the most successful sample resumes include ensuring a safe environment, preparing and giving meals, bathing and dressing children, administering medicine, doing housework and disciplining children when necessary.\r\nWhen describing your role, use action words like \"care,\" \"create,\" \"manage\" and other descriptive words in conjunction with your skills and qualifications. Also, include three to five bullet points that explain specifically what you did in your babysitting role or roles.\r\nIf your resume doesn't have one already, add a \"Certifications\" or an \u201cAdditional Qualifications\u201d section to include any qualifications or certifications that relate to the job you're applying to but don't fit neatly in the experience section of your resume. Consider items like a CPR certification and language fluency.\r\n"}},"@type":"Question","name":"\r\n What is a good job description for a babysitter?\r\n","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":" \r\nBabysitters specialize in looking after children of all ages. Their job is to watch over a child or group of children and create a safe environment. They prepare schedules and activities such as crafts, games or lessons to help keep the child\u2019s interest and help the children\u2019s developmental level. They provide the first response in case of an accident and keep the children happy and entertained.\r\nBabysitters also help with homework and tutoring as needed. When caring for infants, tasks include feeding, diapering and dressing.\r\n","@type":"Question","name":"\r\n Does babysitting count on a resume?\r\n","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":" \r\nBabysitting can definitely be considered a work experience for any type of resume or job application. Babysitting is a way to demonstrate responsibility and a willingness to work, as well as self-management skills.\r\nIt counts as work experience that requires a high level of responsibility, communication and task management.\r\nAnother benefit of adding babysitting to your resume is that it helps to fill any employment gaps you might have due to going to school or any other reason. You can also use the parents as references, which is a significant benefit if you don't have former employers.\r\n","@type":"Question","name":"\r\n What are some babysitting skills?\r\n","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":" \r\nWorking as a babysitter gives you many opportunities to learn life skills and grow. Here are the top most valuable skills you can gain from babysitting:\r\n\r\nStamina\r\nCreativity\r\nPatience\r\nProblem-solving\r\nCommunication and relationship building\r\nMultitasking\r\nTime management and scheduling\r\nSelf-reliance\r\nConfidence\r\n\r\nAs a babysitter, you often have to work with energetic children, so physical stamina and attentive listening are key.\r\n","@type":"Question","name":"\r\n What to write when applying for babysitting?\r\n","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":" \r\nFollow these steps when applying for a babysitting job:\r\n\r\nIntroduce yourself.\r\nProvide relevant experience and training such as CPR.\r\nConvey your passion for working with children.\r\nGive an example of activities you bring.\r\nDescribe yourself with a personal detail or two.\r\nSpeak about your availability.\r\nOffer to provide references.\r\n\r\nHere\u2019s an example: \r\nI am writing to express my interest in being a babysitter. With over three years of experience watching children ranging from 6 months old to 14 years old, I am confident in my ability to take great care of children. I am certified in CPR and first aid and can provide at least five references of families that I have babysat for the past years.\r\n "]} More Jobhero Resources RESUME FORMATS







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