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Buy Brandy Glasses

Brandy snifters feature a short stem and large bowl to help to release the flavours and aromas of your chosen tipple by swirling and cupping underneath the bowl to gently warm the brandy or cognac. Most brandy glasses have a large capacity, but should only be filled with a small measure of brandy.

buy brandy glasses

Our range of snifter glasses can also be used as a cognac glass, scotch glass, digestif glass or even as a decorative bowl. For the perfect gift idea, we offer a range of brandy warmers, which feature a brandy glass, stand and tealight, which are available in a brandy warmer gift set. For the ultimate brandy lover, our selection includes designer brandy glasses and crystal brandy glasses that can all be delivered direct to your door.

Cashs of Ireland is a top retailer of Orrefors and Kosta Boda as well as Lenox, Rogaska Crystal and Reed and Barton. Cashs of Ireland carries quality metal, wood and crystal items from Nambe. We are one of the largest retailers of Belleek China from Ireland. Cashs of Ireland is proud to carry Cashs Crystal. Cashs of Ireland specializes in wine glasses and barware, tailored by famous makers like Riedel, Schott Zwiesel, Waterford and Cashs to each of the varietals you enjoy the most. If you search by wine varietal, our search will list wine glass suggestions for most of the wines available.

A snifter (also called brandy snifter, brandy glass, brandy bowl, or a cognac glass) is a type of stemware, a short-stemmed glass whose vessel has a wide bottom and a relatively narrow top. It is mostly used to serve aged brown liquors such as bourbon, brandy, and whisky.

The attributes that have made the snifter a popular glass for brandy have also made it a preferred glass for some styles of beer,[2] mainly those that feature complex aromas and have an ABV measure of 8% or higher, such as imperial stout, Baltic porter, barley wine, and double India pale ale.[3]

Wondering which wine glasses to use? Which glass for which drink when it comes to cocktails? Tall and neat drinks? Highball or lowball drinking vessels? Learn how to use glassware and select the correct type, whatever your tipple, with this handy guide.

(2) White Wine GlassWhite wine glasses will have a smaller mouth area, and therefore a smaller surface area to aerate so that wine does not oxidize too fast. This is in order to retain the lighter, more delicate notes that white wines will generally have.Examples: Chardonnay, Sauvignon.

(11) The Glencairn Whisky GlassThis specialty piece was developed by Glencairn Crystal Ltd. with the purpose of getting the maximum flavors when drinking whisky. It derives from traditional nosing glasses used by master blenders, borrowing the wide bowl to show off the color and help expose the aromas, but instead uses a tapered mouth to allow easier drinking.

(12) Snifter GlassThe snifter glass has a very short stem that is supposed to be cradled in the hand, helping warm the drink it contains. The large bowl allows the drink to be swirled, and a shorter mouth traps aromas and allows the drinker to enjoy a more prominent smell as they sip. Mostly used for brown spirits, such as brandy and whisky.

Details: This curvy Brandy Snifter is an elegant way to serve aged brown spirits. The Brandy Snifter features a thick c-curved stem above a heavy, flared foot. An extra large bulb-shaped bowl with a slightly tapered opening allow the drinker to enjoy their brandy, cognac or whisky, with plenty of space for ice and garnishes. Size: 22oz / 650ml

In 1827 eleven year old Frederick Stuart was sent to work at the Red House Glass Works on the 'crystal mile', an area just outside Stourbridge, the centre of English glassmaking. By 1853 he and a small group of partners had taken over the works and formed the company that would eventually be known as Stuart Crystal. A long and storied family run business, Stuart Crystal made special stemware, brandy and wine decanters for use on the Titanic and sailed with the Queen Mary in the 1930s. Purchased by Waterford Wedgewood in 1995, the company was dissolved just a few years later, though Waterford continues to use the name Stuart on some of its crystal.

Enjoy a glass of brandy the way it was meant to be with this clear 12 oz. brandy glass. Measuring 2.75"W x 5"H and featuring a sleek short-stem hold and a sheer rim, this classy item allows the liquor's full aromatic qualities to shine through. Different colored bases are available. It can be customized with an imprint of your company name, logo and more for increased brand exposure. Sip to success with a product that is perfect for the next corporate party!

Crystal brandy glasses are the most elegant glasses you have ever seen. These brandy glasses have an incredible elk image on them, perfect for a high country lodge. These brandy glasses are great for entertaining your outdoorsy friends and perfect for treating yourself. This crystal is high quality and you can feel it in your hand. Your drink with go down smoother trust us. Set of 2. 13.5 oz. glasses. Made in the USA.

The design of this brandy glass from Olympia is both timeless and elegant. Shaped to sit perfectly in the hand and crafted from clear crystal glass, the design will complement even the finest cognac or liquor. The balloon shape gives a large surface area for the contained liquid, helping to evaporate it and allowing the maximum aroma profile to be released. The narrow top traps the vapours for added aroma whilst drinking, and the rounded bottom allows the glass to be cupped, warming the liquor inside.

Before Your First Use: Remove all labels from your glassware. Wash the glasses in warm water using a gentle, non-abrasive dishwashing detergent or place directly in your dishwasher. Rinse and dry immediately with a lint-free towel or cloth.

Please note that Luigi Bormioli glassware is dishwasher safe. If you choose to clean your stemware in a dishwasher, arrange securely in the top rack with the bowl facing down. DO NOT place in the bottom rack or lay glasses on their sides. Once the cleaning cycle is complete, immediately remove glasses from the dishwasher and hand dry with a lint-free towel or cloth.

The Brandy Glass or Snifter. An essential element of the sophisticated bar. Crafted from thin, fine crystal, with a stoutly-set, bottom-heavy bell and solid stem made for holding in the palm of your hand. The rounded shape of the glass is engineered to allow drinkers to inhale the brandy's aroma with each sip, letting the liquor's "bouquet" and its various notes unfold. Measure the perfect pour by lying the glass on its side and filling it right to the edge. Each mouth-blown non-lead crystal piece is dishwasher safe. 041b061a72


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